September, 2016

Beggars Teeth – Exhibition of Paintings, Performance and Discussion at Glasgow Project Room April /May 2017

 Glasgow Project Room
Fiona Robertson-Exhibition of Paintings

Performances May  4th -Carrie Skinner, Steven Anderson

Discussion chaired by Carl Lavery


Nursery Crymes 24th 25th November 2017

In Association with Radiator Arts, UZ Arts, In Situ and Glasgow City Council
Please Note: This event begins at Avant Garde 34-44 King St, Glasgow, G1 5QT.

I have been invited to show as part of Nursery Crimes, a large scale, site specific and interactive promenade installation by Mischief La-Bas Theatre Company. The show will premiere in Glasgow in December ’17 and funding allowing) in Hastings in Feb ’18

For the project I will be making a new film entitled BAD SHEEP .The project involves creating large scale cut-outs that will feature in the animation sequence in the short film as well as forming part of a large scale installation as stand alone sculptures. Thematically my project will explore fragmented narratives linked to the grotesque and darkly comedic aspects of traditional children’s ‘Nursery Rhymes’.

Ventilator-New Film Coming Soon!

Still from Ventilator (2-07)

Still from Ventilator (2-07)

Ventilator 6min 35 secs – Synopsis

Ventilator is set in two locations in Scotland; a derelict ventilation system on a rooftop in the city of Glasgow and a beach on the Ayrshire coast.This short experimental video comprises of a mixture of animation and filmed work, with the two protagonists- a woman and a masked, distorted man, encountering and being encountered by a variety of objects, mundane and foreign, many with motive-force of their own. The film is edited to be fragmentary and non-linear, with scenes dissolving and elements collapsing and bleeding into one another. Land art, totemic heads, and the repeated emergence and disintegration of masks throughout the piece represents not a cryptography for the audience to decipher, but an invitation to engage within the ‘logic of sensation’.