Bad Sheep (2017)

Fiona Robertson’s ‘Bad Sheep’ is a cross-medium examination of the way in which the grotesque and the mundane reflect and reshape our personal and collective memory. Utilising the surreal – but deeply rooted- imagery of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, Robertson seeks to build on previous work exploring the limits of expression through the showing of a short film within an on-site installation.


The film – centred around an eponymous ‘Bad Sheep’- is set within a liminal space, where elements of the artist’s rural childhood and her present-day urban life combine. Within this space, unreal characters and structures congregate, caught between different worlds – the subconscious and the conscious, the contemporary and the archaic, the fictional and the real. Mixing elements from medieval mummer’s shows, 1920s hallowe’en outfits, brechtian drama – and, of course, nursery rhymes, traditional issues of personal & artistic expression – gender, control of the self & the other, and the potential for true self-knowledge in a subjectivised world, are addressed in an unconventional setting.