The Climate Conference Cannot be Cancelled -Collaboration with performance & Theatre maker Katrine Turner

‘The Climate Crisis Can’t Be Cancelled’ is a participatory school performance in which characters wearing costumes of different found (often non-recyclable) materials turn up at a primary school to host a rescheduled COP26 climate summit. 

I worked collaboratively with the Performance/Theatre maker Katrine Turner on this project. My contribution was to design and make the costumes. 

The project was initially funded by Catherine Wheels theatre company as part of the ‘Make Space’, a research and development fund for Scotland-based artists to explore what performing arts for children could look like in the new normal, following the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

A pilot and abridged version of the performance took place in St Dennis Primary School in November 2020. 

The performance took place in schools Cumbernauld in collaboration with and supported by Cumbernauld Theatre in September 2021. The performance was staged in 3 schools in Easterhouse in collaboration with Platform also in September 2021.